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Fandom wank

July 20th, 2012 (08:26 am)
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I knew that when Mark Watches came to season six of Buffy it could be bad. *sighs* Sad to see that I was right.

Season six is such a devisive season. Problematic in many ways. And Mark himself isn't without flaws. He's only human. I'm just so....sad isn't the right word, maybe disappointed that all of this is happening.

Mark's enthusiasm and joy over watching Buffy and Angel was just so infectious. I felt like it gave fandom a huge boost. His joy seemed to permeate the rest of the fandom and that could only be a good thing. But now wank. Part of it is the fault of the commenters, part of it is Mark's fault. I don't think anyone is wholly to blame. 

But now Mark Watches has a taint to it. I love Mark and his boundless enthusiasm for all things fandom. But I don't know that I can go back to his site and enjoy his recaps like I used to. I wish that I lived in world where wank didn't exist. But I don't and that has my little corner of the world bleaker.